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Healing Sanctuary LLC

Healing Sanctuary is a sacred space for rejuvenation and healing  offered by Diane M. Lavin RN, MSN. Diane is a solo  practitioner and holistic nurse of 40 years bringing a wealth of scientific knowledge as well as 25 years of personal training in energy healing modalities, spiritual studies and meditation. The intention is to offer a safe space to privately address the obstacles that impair a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being up to your level of divinity. The aim is to release, repair, restore a person to feeling fully engaged in life and assist in raising the consciousness  of the individual.

Helpful Documents

Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor Part I by Dr. Suzanne Lie

Clinical Studies of Biofield Therapies

What Is a Biofield Energy Medicine Healing session?

 An energy medicine healing session is an adjunct to traditional medical and psychological treatment plans. It should never be intended to replace your physician’s advice. Diane is a nurse who is open to working closely with your medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist and strongly suggest you ask your physician for this connection. Diane does not make diagnoses nor prescribe medications but can understand your physicians treatment plan and facilitate optimal care for you.

A biofield Energy medicine healing is a light touch or hands off modality that works on the physical body and higher subtle energy fields surrounding the body. A session is performed fully clothed while laying on a massage table with music playing to facilitate relaxation and a meditative state. The session can be given in the Healing Sanctuary LLC center in Drury Square Plaza, Auburn, Massachusetts or remotely in the comfort of your home. Each session includes mutually determined goals leading to the most optimal benefit for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  

Please call Diane at 508-832-9997 to discuss further details regarding which energy modality is appropriate for you and what the format is and potential outcomes. 

Who benefits from energy healing sessions?

Healing Touch, Integrated Energy Therapy and Arcturian Healing are all energy medicine modalities that are safe and effective for human beings of all ages as well as domestic pets. Healing Touch is an entry level program of techniques designed by a nurse from Colorado named Janet Mentgen. It has stood the test of time and has been implemented in hundreds of hospitals across the United States and worldwide. People with acute and chronic physical and emotional issues as well as spiritual issues have been helped greatly by Healing Touch since the 1980’s. It is a highly regarded and well researched modality by the scientific community. If you have never had an energy healing session, it is recommended to start with Healing Touch to relax, reduce anxiety, relieve stress and depression, relieve pain, prepare for surgery, provide support and reduce side effects from radiation treatment and chemotherapy, strengthen the immune system, reduce effects of trauma and chronic pain, enhance recovery from surgery, deepen your spiritual connection and support the dying process.

 Diane typically will start an energy session using a Healing Touch protocol to evaluate and balance your energy centers and do a mini teaching on chakras, if this is your first exposure to energy work. If your body responds well and her intuitive guidance suggests that a higher frequency is beneficial, Diane may add an Arcturian Healing protocol to the session. Following your response to a Healing Touch session, Arcturian Healing Method may be suggested for the following session.

The next evolution in healing is to work with the Intergalactics.

Healing Touch

If you haven’t experienced energy medicine and have no idea what a biofield session is, this is a gentle energy which will relax and restore peace and calm.

More Details

Healing Touch is a nurse driven scientifically proven approach developed by Janet Mengten RN, BSN in the 1980’s.It is a gentle modality and a middle path energy of Christ Consciousness that Diane facilitates for newcomers to energy work. She will evaluate how sensitive a person is to energy and where blockages or imbalances are in the body. If a person tolerates Healing Touch as an entry point and guidance is given to try a higher frequency,  for healing or clearing , then a higher frequency can be added. Healing Touch is great for relief of anxiety or depression, wound healing, relief of radiation or chemotherapy side effects, pre- surgery and hasten recovery after surgery. 

To request a session and make payment for a Healing Touch session, click the button below. This will take you to a PayPal account screen. 

Arcturian Healing

Are you looking for a High Vibrational Multi-Dimensional healing modality that is safe, effective and self regulating based upon an individual’s need?

More Details

Arcturian Healing method was developed by neuroscientist Gene Ang, Ph.d who earned his degrees at Stanford and Yale. He is worked in a research laboratory and taught neuroscience to medical scientist until he was given the Arcturian Healing Method to teach Lightworkers advanced methods to help people heal and raise consciousness.

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Whether you are frazzled due to a high paced work environment, juggling family responsibilities or just plain tired of pain, meditation can help.

More Details

Meditation can be as complicated or as easy as you want to make it. Diane has decided to hold weekly meditation classes that are an hour long to help people de-stress from work, childcare or any of life’s pressures. No meditation experience is required. We will review different techniques to calm the mind and get in touch with your body, mind and emotions.  We will begin our next cycle of 8 week sessions starting in April.

To make payment for a group Meditation session, click the button below. This will take you to a PayPal account screen. 

Akashic Records Reading

Are you at a crossroad in finding answers to life’s perplexing puzzles?

More Details

The Akashic Records are a quantum field of energy that contains all of the thoughts, feelings, life experiences from your current life, past lifetimes as well as the future. The Akashic field essentially carries  all the information pertaining to a person’s life mission and can help make sense of why certain people come into your life at different times to help you with life’s lessons. An Akashic Records reading is NOT a tarot card reading and does not predict the future. You must be 18 years old to access your Akashic Records.

To make payment for an Akashic Records Reading, click the button below. This will take you to a PayPal account screen. 

What is meant by Spiritual Development ?

Many people are aware that we are undergoing rapid change in the world stage and within our personal lives. Life and time feels compressed, heightened and accelerated. There are energies coming from the heavens which are affecting us yet most people are completely unaware of or how to handle these influences. There are several stages in becoming aware spiritually. It could be a curiosity about life after death, a thirst for something more than an existence from work to home to hobbies, or a beginning exploration of spiritual topics reaching far beyond religious prayers and weekly attendance at services. If you are looking for guidance to explore spiritual topics and connect with spiritual influences in a safe manner, Diane Lavin and Healing Sanctuary LLC may just be the  safe venue to begin your exploration. .

1. Who are Higher Spiritual Beings?

Each person alive today on planet earth is born with a guardian angel.This Being has been assigned to you from birth and is meant to watch over and guide you. However we are born with Free Will and our guardians will only intervene when we specifically ASK for help. There are also a Spiritual Hierarchy above the Guardian Angels up to Divine Source. Diane is a Spiritual Teacher who can help you connect safely with your Guardian Angel, Your Higher Self, your Guides and above.

2. Connect with your Guardian Angel or Higher Self.

Some people are naturally gifted and seem to be able to tap into their Higher Self without effort. Our Higher Self can be likened to the “best version of ourself” who thinks on a higher state of consciousness than we do. Diane is developing a series of educational venues in which you will learn how to safely connect with your Higher Self, to safely identify benevolent higher beings and how to discern beneficial from detrimental beings who attempt to influence us. Please sign up through the contact page to be added to the upcoming newsletter which will include announcements on offerings. 

3. Meet the Healing Angels of Integrated Energy Therapy.

There are nine angels who have been identified as part of an energy modality called Integrated Energy Therapy. In this course you will learn how to connect with these specific angels and Archangels and receive personal messages from them for your spiritual growth. This is the entry into learning the Healing Energy course by Steven Thayer. Diane is a Master Instructor of IET who is certified to teach Healing with Angels, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy. IET is the next step in the evolution of healing beyond Reiki.

4. Become an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) was developed by Steven Thayer in the 1980’s in New York and now spans the world. IET is a high vibrational energy modality that has been dubbed “Reiki on Steroids” which removes “issues from our tissues.” Utilizing the nine Healing Angels who assist in removing trauma stored in our bodies and replaces positive supportive energies. The modality begins with a class on working with the Healing Angels and Archangels. Next is a workshop on becoming a practitioner involving  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels which can be learned in a private or  group setting over several weekends or combined in a laser Intensive Weekend for spiritual warriors.Please sign up for our newsletter on the contact us page to learn about upcoming classes.

5. Join our Monthly Group Gatherings.

Each month Diane is committed to offering affordable monthly gatherings. The aims are to provide a safe place for conversation, to facilitate group spiritual development through teachings,  and  to channel energy transmissions which strengthen your physical, emotional, causal, mental, spiritual subtle energy fields up to the divine levels utilizing the Arcturian Healing frequencies as developed by Gene Ang Ph.d.  Please join our newsletter to learn of events by signing up on our contact page.

Experience Christ Consciousness and Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions

Arcturian Blueprint Activation (Life Alignment Series)

Arcturians are high vibrational high dimensional benevolent beings from the star system Arcturus on the far edges of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are here to assist in the ascension of humanity during this spiritual age of Archangel Michael. The Arcturian Blueprint Activation is a high vibrational frequency that removes old programming, outdated internal beliefs and conditions which block you from feeling the wisdom of your soul.

More Details

The Arcturian Blueprint Activation is actually an activation of your soul code. This will bring you online to awaken your higher spiritual purpose. This is delivered in a series of 5  sessions scheduled weekly or every 2-4 weeks up to the completion of 240 minutes of Arcturian Blueprint Activation Coding. Spacing of sessions allows for integration of frequencies and changes to be witnessed within your subtle bodies as well as life and spiritual development. The total 240 minutes facilitates connection to your soul blueprint and your mission this incarnation. The programming within your subtle bodies, which no longer serve could be from past lifetimes, events during current lifetime or conditions inherited through your ancestors. These obstacles to growth are removed as your soul codes are awakened. 

  As we enter 2020, these are the times to step up and go beyond the confines of your 3rd dimensional limited belief systems and existence on planet earth. Schedule the first of your Arcturian Blueprint Activation series today.

 There are other offerings following this activation to deepen your spiritual awakening yet this is the grand beginning! Join us and evolve! When you click on the buy now button, the PayPal screen will pop up.

 You may pay in person as well.

Arcturian Clearing and Protection Sessions

Whether we work on our own or with the public in any setting, we can absorb heavy energies from outside influences. This can make us feel weighed down, out of sorts, confused, anxious, depressed or even ill. It is important to learn whether the feelings, thoughts, emotions originated within ourselves or were absorbed into our bodies through the influence of others.

More Details

Absorbing others energies can be learned behavior or result from crystallized thought forms from group events, outer influences or detrimental spiritual beings which keep a person down or feeling malaise. The good thing is that your physical body and subtle energy fields can be cleared, cleaned, restored and upgraded through this dynamic subtle body energy work. 

Diane will start with one protocol which may eliminate the energies. Or recommendation may be suggested for a  series of sessions to remove deeply embedded energy that does not belong to you, to restore, renew and protect your system. It will depend upon what is best for the highest good of each person. Diane may also offer insights into past events which precipitated the stagnant energies so you can avoid future issues. 

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Intergalactic Healing Session

The Intergalactics are higher dimensional beings from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The Intergalactics like Arcturians and Sirians came forward now to help Lightworkers accelerate their healing gifts and sacred spiritual knowledge.

More Details

As the Arcturians and Sirians, the Intergalactics work with all subtle bodies -the Physical, Etheric, Mental and Emotional, Causal, Spiritual up to the Divine.

This work builds over time and is incorporated into our subtle bodies which carry forth into future lifetimes.

The pre- requisite to working with the Intergalactics is several sessions first with the Arcturians and Sirians and completion of the Arcturian Blueprint Activation Series.

To make payment for an Intergalactic session, please click on the buy now button. This will take you to a PayPal account screen. 

About Diane

Diane Lavin is a registered nurse with a masters degree in Cardiovascular Nursing and Education who carries the healing frequency of Christ Consciousness. Her nursing career spans 4 decades within academic medical centers in Washington,D.C. and Massachusetts. Diane started her career as a staff nurse in critical care and rose rapidly through the ranks as a clinical nurse specialist designing patient education and wellness programs to a nurse manager of ambulatory clinics and senior director and then national operations manager in an asthma disease management project across the USA. She was a Clinical Nurse Specialist earning a Masters of Science degree in Cardiovascular Nursing from The Catholic University of America. She has been an educator, staff nurse, supervisor, and nurse manager  working with cardiovascular, diabetes, endocrine, family medicine, pulmonary, allergy adult  and pediatric populations. She has been a research nurse and has participated in grant writing.

 Truth, honesty, compassion, integrity, trustworthiness while treating each person as a loved family member are core treasured values which Diane learned in childhood and has maintained throughout her life.

 As a child Diane felt a deep connection with Jesus Christ via a telepathic connection up to Divine Source. As with all children, no one was available to talk about the connection without sounding superior or being deemed blasphemous. So this inner connection was suppressed until life circumstances sparked a spiritual re-awakening.

At 40 Diane experienced the heartache of a painful divorce. This event in hindsight was her first spiritual two by four of awakening. This was complicated exactly 2 years to the day of her divorce by the sudden loss of her beloved Mother. Shaken, Diane questioned how a loving God could deliver such profound blows to her, her children, and her Dad – shattering stability beyond all reasoning. Questioning  the very existence of God, and the meaning of personal suffering, death, loss and spirituality led Diane back to her Catholic religious roots and to the study of mystical paths of the three major religions. This resulted in spontaneous mystical experiences which Diane kept to herself.

 Diane sought out teachers and learned the practices involving the powers of the Holy Spirit and contemplative prayer –  the mystical path of Catholicism and Sufism with the chief cleric of Al Asqua Mosque during his  visits to the USA until his death. These spiritual practices became  daily practices of reviewing the days events and analyzing how to handle communication with and actions towards people, all earmarked for growth experiences with the aim of  becoming a better person. 

 This led to learning and utilizing practices of dismantling the ego through Sufi practices and sparked inquiry into the meaning of why we are here on earth in our bodies;  what is the nature of our soul; how can we communicate with our guardian angel and benevolent spirits and how can we navigate this life here on earth while maintaining our sanity?  Diane then studied the following: Theosophy and became trained as a physical medium from the First Spiritual Temple; Psychic Intuition with direct voice medium Hans Christian King; Advanced Akashic Records Reader via award winning author Jiayuh Chyan method and her Universal Akashic Prayer and with Patti Collinsworth via Linda Howe method; Healing Touch Practitioner to Level 5; Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner up to Master Instructor, Usui Reiki level 1 and 2 practitioner, Mindfulness Meditation to Teacher level from Jon Kabat Zinn and Florence Meleo Meyer at UMassMedical School and most recently Arcturian Healing Method with neuroscientist Dr. Gene Ang Ph.D. who was trained at Stanford and Yale   to level 6.

Diane offers sessions which are a fusion of all energy modalities learned to date and uses intuitive guidance as well as her clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizant abilities to assist clients in gaining clarity of their spiritual essence and life’s lessons in this incarnation.  

 Diane predominantly works with Arcturians and has a soul connection with Sirians. She frequently calls in Angels and Archangels aligned only with Christ Consciousness, Ascended Masters and pure higher consciousness Beings of Light. Diane has learned through spiritual discernment NOT to allow False Light beings into any healing session or meditative process.

 Diane, as a lifelong seeker, is now devoted to helping people bridge the gap between religion and spirituality, to reach deep within themselves to expand to a higher consciousness  and to forge a path of awakening inner wisdom and spiritual sovereignty.   


“I had a wonderful healing session with Diane. Her energy and her connection to the Divine Light is unbelievably strong. She was completely focused on my need at the time and could give me valuable feedback on what she saw throughout our session. I would highly recommend you experience her energy healing work- truly remarkable.”

Sarah Brink- intuitive medium and healer

“Diane Lavin is a powerful healer full of wisdom that I trust and love. Her integrity is unsurpassable. She provides exactly what clients need in each session with her well -rounded education and experiences in healing, holistic health and contemporary medicine. In all of our sessions, she was direct, honest, supportive and showed genuine compassion. I left each session feeling calm, recharged, and with clarity in my life. She is definitely someone you want to have be in your corner and support your journey in life!”

 Jiyauh Chyan- award winning author and Akashic Record Teacher 


” I had a remote healing session with Diane and she was able to intuitively know where I needed some focused healing and also offered me some meditation information that would help clear some blockages in my energetic system. She is very compassionate and really has a passion for helping others achieve higher states of being.”

Sally Pawlowski- energy medicine practitioner


 ” I have known Diane personally and professionally for several years. We have studied together and I have experienced her talents in healing and energetic therapies. She is kind, direct, motivated and ethical in both her life and work experiences. In her sessions she is insightful, intuitive and informative, and I have always come away feeling relaxed and ‘in touch” with my inner and higher selves after a session with her.” 

Debbi Stiles -Reiki practitioner, I.E.T. Master Instructor

“Diane is truly a spiritual seeker and healer. Having studied various modalities, she is able to tailor her healing sessions to each client, based upon their needs at the time. Diane conducted a distance healing session for me after I experienced an unexpected and devastating loss. During this session I felt enveloped by a gentle and peaceful energy, and was able to carry that peace forward. I highly recommend her. “

Deb Carlson, Reiki Master

 “OMG, I feel better than I have in years! Thank you! I had a session with Diane a few months ago. It helped so much with the stress and burnout I was dealing with at the time. Today, I had a distance session. It was the first of multiple sessions which are part of the Arcturian Blueprint Activation Activation. This session was powerful and loving.I can’t imagine what the next sessions will bring forth. Right at my start time I felt an incredible loving, comforting and enveloping energy and anchoring me to Heaven and Earth. Lots of color, high frequencies and sacred geometry. The hour flew by. It ended with the energies decreasing and my hands in prayer position moving from my heart to my throat, to my third eye and back to my heart. Gratitude to Diane, the Divine and each of our spiritual teams for assisting in the session.

Diane sent me notes and I asked if we could talk because the session was so profound. She shared there were many fairies, dragon, Devas and Angelics present and at one point a mystical tree. This morning on my walk, I was compelled to take photos. One was a tree with moss heart and the other a tree with a wisdom filled eye confirming what we both saw.

Diane is a nurse, teacher, energy healer and so much more. She truly carries Christ Consciousness. Her wisdom, insight and training in many modalities will lead you to the perfect session. I can’t wait to hear what you will share, once you receive your gifts. Give Diane a call!” 

MaryPat Lynch – energy practitioner

“Diane Lavin is truly a gifted healer who works through the love and integrity of her Higher Self. My session with Diane was a completely transformational experience. I was aligned with my Divine Higher potential. Diane facilitated my connection to Source, and my life has significantly improved for the better.”

Brandi Khan – intuitive medium and healer





Still Have Questions?

Disclaimer: Diane Lavin is not a medical doctor and does not prescribe medications or make diagnoses.You must be 18 years or older to receive an Akashic Record reading. By purchasing and participating in a reading or healing session you agree that the guidance that is given will not constitute or substitute for medical or professional advice.  You acknowledge that you are responsible for any actions taken based on the content of your session.