Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions.

What type of questions do you ask in the Akashic records?

It is best to ask Who, What, Why and When questions as one looks for reasons to understand the meaning of life circumstances and lessons. Consulting your records is helpful when you are faced with a life situation that has you perplexed or for healing an ancestral lineage problem.

Will a person get the same results from an online Akashic Records reading as an in-person reading?

The connection between you, the healer or Akashic Records reader and Spiritual Beings is the same. Some people are more sensitive to energies in person so prefer meeting in person rather than online. The quality of the connections and responses will be the same.

Will negative spirits show up during an Akashic Records reading?

No. The Akashic Records are protected by High Spiritual Beings whose only job is to keep the records safe, protected and in sacred space. Detrimental or Imposter Beings are NOT allowed. Prior to opening your records Diane also safeguard the space so everyone is doubly protected.

How should one prepare for an Akashic records reading?

A . Akashic records reading can be performed in person or via Zoom. It is different from a tarot card, angel card  or mediumship reading. The Akasha is an energy field which contains all previous life incarnations pertaining to your SOUL. It is a sacred journey into the field of your soul and all life lessons.

It is best to think about an issue that is plaguing you and be totally clear by stating an intention for the reading. It is best to turn your cell phone off and settle into a quiet room where you have no distractions. Diane will listen to your concerns and then select wording to maximize information received. The flow of information will be stronger if your mind and heart are fully open to the experience. You are loved by the Masters and Spiritual Beings who protect your Akashic Records and having your records opened is a sacred journey with many benefits and blessings on your path to healing.

How difficult is it to learn Meditation?

Meditation can start out simply by watching one’s breathe and counting as you inhale and exhale up to a count of ten and then repeating the cycle. It leads a person to being fully in their body and noticing where they hold tension or stress. It is a discipline that can be learned and mastered and it is well worth the effort and expense that will reap many benefits. Diane has elected to start with a short series of guided meditations that are aimed at relaxation and removing stress from your body. Later a program combining meditation principles and opening energy channels will be available. Please,sign up for the newsletter for announcements of classes and gatherings.

Why Choose Arcturian Healing?

The benefits of this multi-dimensional healing modality include:

  • Improve Physical, Emotional and Mental well-being
  • Clears, Activates, Restores and Ignites layers respectively on the Causal, Spiritual and Divine levels of the Body
  • Helps to Build the Transpersonal Chakras moving a person forward on her or his spiritual path
  • Is deeply relaxing, uplifting and leads to a sense of joy and ease
  • Deepens the sense of Living a life of purpose
  • Modulates the frequencies according to an individuals needs with a consciousness of its own
  • Provides protocols for Energetic Clearing and Protection
  • May be offered in conjunction with Healing Touch, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing and others
What Can you Expect During an Arcturian Healing Method Session?

The Arcturian Healing Method includes a multitude of frequencies that are driven by protocols affecting the Cardiovascular, Brain, Endocrine, Neurological and Immune Systems from the physical subtle body up to the divine level. The frequencies are a living consciousness delivered by Benevolent Beings which self modulate according to each persons needs and issues. Your first session will take 1.5 hours which includes completing a questionnaire about your health, discussion, laying on a massage table fully clothed and wrap up discussion post frequencies.

Why Choose a Healing Touch Session?

Healing Touch is a good entry level energy session as it enables Diane to evaluate all of your energy centers for energy flow, direction of flow, whether there are blockages and how many sessions you may need to alleviate your symptoms. It also allows her to do mini teachings with you about energy, frequencies, stress related illnesses and spiritual topics. The session length is the same with paperwork completion, intake discussion, massage table time while fully clothed and wrap up discussion of session and plan going forward.


Why Choose an Intergalactic Healing Session?

The Intergalactic beings are Beings from a Higher Spiritual Dimension related to Mt.Shasta. They are on the level of the Thrones which is 3 levels above the Elohim in the Christ Consciousness spiritual hierarchy. Because this frequency is Higher it is best to use these frequencies after a persons body has become acclimated to the level of Frequency given via the Arcturians and Sirians. Diane prefers to offer frequencies and modalities from gentler energies to more dynamic energies after a person’s body has acclimated to the range of frequencies. This prevents sparking a healing crisis. Since Diane is true to her nursing lineage, her motto is “first, do not harm,” she tends to apply a gentler approach.




What is a session like with Diane?

Diane is a nurse with high integrity and deep compassion who is very connected spiritually. She works directly with the Healing Angels and Archangels, Arcturians and Sirians of her Spritual Council and has been attuned to Melchizedek, Archangel Metatron and the Intergalactic Beings. During deep meditation, Diane has received communication with Ascended Masters Jeshua, Mary Magdalene, Djwal Khul, PLeaidians, other Star System Beings. She is an intuitive who is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant and beginning to develop Clairaudience. She has been told by her council that her soul mission is to bring in and anchor future energies into her physical body and activate frequencies and soul missions in others. Her council has mentioned that she has been and is a master healer with sacred knowledge with a mission to raise consciousness in others through teaching. She works currently with clients who are LightWorkers with various degrees of abilities and often depending upon a persons own spiritual gifts when communicating with a person’s Higher Self will ask that messages be given directly to the client and not through her with the aim of further developing the clients abilities. The goal of Diane’s work is to help heal, restore, activate, integrate frequencies and move a person forward spiritually and then to their own sovereign state of beingness. Diane aim is not to “hold” onto a client endlessly but to take them as far as they wish to travel with her and then release them to be productive in their respective communities.


Where is your office located in Auburn?

Drury Square Plaza 59 Auburn Street across the street from the Auburn Post Office

I am located on the second floor in Suite 101 across the hall from  the MacBook Clinic

Entrance to the Parking lot is from the Town Pizza driveway – drive to rear of building and walk up the gray staircase with blue awning.

There are several office suites within the 2nd floor and at times, the entry doors may be locked. Please call Diane at 508-832-9997 if to open the door should this happen.













Still Have Questions?

Disclaimer: Diane Lavin is not a medical doctor and does not prescribe medications or make diagnoses.You must be 18 years or older to receive an Akashic Record reading. By purchasing and participating in a reading or healing session you agree that the guidance that is given will not constitute or substitute for medical or professional advice.  You acknowledge that you are responsible for any actions taken based on the content of your session.